Home Staging

There are hundreds of properties available on Airbnb in Leeds and West Yorkshire alone. How do you make yours stand out?

Libertas offer home staging services to get your property more attention and, most importantly, more bookings!

Why do you need home staging?

Increasing occupancy rates

Renters will look for the property whose photos stand out. Good staging can get you more attention in the crowded Leeds marketplace.

Maximising your rates

Guests will pay more for a luxury property. With great home staging you can up your nightly rate for renters.

Why choose Libertas for your home staging?

  • We have qualified interior designers in-house
  • We provide soft furnishings and accessories to dress your home
  • We have years of experience dressing homes to appeal to renters
  • We will make your home stand out

How do we stage your home?

There are several steps we will take when we stage your home, all of them to give you maximum returns.

Choose a theme

We stage your home in a way that highlights its unique features. Everything in your home will follow this theme, from your decor right down to the linen!

Photographs to maximise your space

We want your guests to imagine themselves in your property.

For example, if you have a great kitchen, we will stage your photographs around cooking to highlight how guests might enjoy their stay.

If you have a great Leeds city centre location, we will stage photographs to show your city view.

Lighting and colour

Our expert interior designers will stage your home using lighting and colour to maximise your space and add that touch of luxury.

Home staging can help you maximise your returns and get more attention when advertising your property. Libertas' home staging will make you stand out when potential guests are scrolling!

If you would like to discuss how we can help you make the most of your rental property, get in touch with our experts.